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Nvest 401(k)

Outstanding Benefits, Clear Compliance

Uncover the full promise and financial value of your company retirement plan.

Engaged Financial Perspectives

Proven experience and perspectives can maximize contributions, reduce your tax obligations and strategically grow plan investments.

With proven investment insights, comprehensive planning and engaging, personalized financial services designed for your unique needs, we uncover lasting resilience with a remarkable flexibility.

Types of Retirement Plans for Your Employees

401(k) Plans

Popular, low-cost employer-sponsored plans that are flexible and easy to use. Offering these easy to establish plans may qualify the employer for specific tax incentives. 401(k) plans require annual reporting, notifications and potential non-discrimination testing.

Profit-Sharing Plans (PSP)

PSPs align employee motivation with company performance. Provided on a quarterly or annual basis and available to companies of any size, employers have a great degree of flexibility and contributions may be tax deductible.

Cash-Balance Plans

Flexible and easy for employers to administer, cash balance plans are defined contribution plans that qualify for tax deferral and credit protection under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Simple IRA Plans

Designed for small businesses as an easy way for employers to contribute to their own retirement plans and incentivize employees to save. Employees may choose to make salary reduction contributions with employers making matching or nonelective contributions.


Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP) are affordable and easy to administer, with flexible employer contributions. Designed to help self-employed individuals and small-business owners with few employees access tax-deferred benefits when saving for retirement.

Other Qualified Plan Options

Less common qualified plans can include Defined Benefit Plans, Money Purchase Plans, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Each plan is designed for specific business types, size, profitability and objectives with varying advantages and tax requirements.

Put simply, we ensure corporate retirement plans designed, administered and delivered to the highest standards, in service of your business and valued employees’ best interests.

The standards include specific criteria which have been substantiated by regulation or written in consultation with leading firms.

A successfully completed standards-based assessment results in certification. This is written assurance that the firm meets the requirements of the standard.

CEFEX certified firms voluntarily undertake annual audits by independent expert analysts. This continually verifies their adherence to the applicable standard and is supplemental to oversight performed by regulators, or financial auditors.

To Find out More About CEFEX, please visit: CEFEX | Fiduciary Excellence at Investment Advisory Firms.

Compliance and Service

Our planning and retirement specialists uncover added value and deliver assurances for your business and retirement plan participants.
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