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Holistic Financial Planning

The whole of what we offer is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts are important, too. Here are some common needs we cover.


Financial Planning

As CEFEX Investment Advisors, we practice true financial planning—a claim few firms can make. We take your vision, your priorities, and your resources and spin them into an actionable plan. It’s like an instruction manual for how to spend, save, invest, and protect. Your best shot at reaching your potential is having and executing on an integrated plan that includes some or all of the items that follow.

Portfolio Management

The right investment portfolio is one that factors in your risk tolerance, timeline and goals. At Nvest, we’re hands-on in both the design and management of your portfolio—real people keep an eye on your investments and keep in touch with you.

Retirement Planning

Preparing for retirement can mean a variety of things depending on your lifestyle and how long you have between now and when you retire. We’ll help you understand how you need to be saving and investing in order to cross that finish line.

Tax Strategies

We know the ins-and-outs of taxation. As your financial partner, we’ll coordinate with you and your accountant to integrate tax strategy into your overall plan, seeking to optimize for wealth management and estate planning needs.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

For many of our clients, estate planning can feel confusing, daunting, or downright scary. We’ll walk you through all the considerations you’ll have to make and help understand how your estate will be distributed. If giving is part of your legacy, we can help you manage tax implications, give efficiently, and guide the recipients of the inheritance you leave.

Risk Mitigation

Being underinsured, even in one area, can be a risk to overall financial health. We’ll review what various insurances you have in place and provide guidance if we identify areas of risk. You’ll likely need to consider life and long-term care insurance, which we can help you sort through.

Philanthropic and Legacy Planning

Many of our clients have a desire to give back and help others. We help set up the right strategies that allow you to tap into your philanthropic self and invest in something bigger.