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There are so many components to running, growing and selling a successful business. We can help you optimize your systems, build value, and aim for a clean exit.


Business Growth & Value Strategies

We help you create a strong, strategic foundation for your business to get you to the next level. Together, we’ll explore opportunities to lower your overall business risk, set you up for sustainable growth and help you increase overall value.

  • We’ll help you design an overall strategic vision and growth plan.
  • Benchmark key indicators for your particular business.
  • Create a business plan that eventually may become part of an offering memorandum should you decide to sell your company (see our M&A services).
  • Address partnership issues and design a proper buy/sell agreement.
  • For companies looking to obtain ISO 9001:2015 registration, identify important process improvements and prepare you for certification.

Transition & Succession Planning

No matter what stage you or your business is in, we can help you realize your vision. Being business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to evolve a company and advise on scalability, transitioning to the next phase and selling the business, whether to a family member, an ESOP or an external buyer. Many successful transitions and exits can be achieved by utilizing an ESOP or employee stock ownership plan. We can simplify the process.

  • Identify and close the value gap that may exist between your financial needs and the business value.
  • Assure the ongoing concern of the business in the event of a premature demise, divorce or the departure of a business partner.
  • For a family business, create a plan that mitigates issues that exist when transferring to a family member, while working with the entire family and management team to design the most effective and least disruptive transfer.
  • Model and compare different transfer scenarios such as an ESOP plan (providing you with an S-corp vs. C-Corp ESOP comparison, feasibility study, a general ESOP value range, negotiate and implement the plan to maximize the effect the ESOP will have with your employees), an internal management buyout or buy-in, or selling to an outside party.

Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Looking to sell your business or expand it? We will guide you through the M&A process by taking you through (and simplifying) every step. We can help identify potential buyers, ride shotgun throughout the process, go through the due diligence and be an objective partner.

  • We can help identify potential buyers.
  • If you’re considering buying a business, we can help identify potential targets.
  • We can lead, manage and negotiate the project, or we can ride shotgun throughout the process.
  • We can guide you through due diligence and be an objective partner whether you’re selling or buying.

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*Business consulting services offered through ROI Cubed are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.